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Birthdate:Feb 27
Location:United States of America

Your name is BOCO. As previously mentioned, you’re UNBOXING MOST OF YOUR STUFF due to your RECENT MOVE. You have QUITE A LOT OF IT, which brings us to your wide variety of INTERESTS. You enjoy READING, WATCHING, and WRITING about TRANSFORMATIONS, mostly HEROES like MAGICAL GIRLS or SUPER SENTAI but also MORE MUNDANE STORIES about BLOSSOMING IN MORE THAN ONE WAY, especially if it involves CROSSDRESSING. You DON’T LIKE SPORTS but can’t resist PREDICTABLE SPORTS STORIES—in fact, you can’t resist BAD MEDIA IN GENERAL. You have a specific weakness for BAD VIDEO GAMES, which you PLAY COMPULSIVELY for NO REASON ANYONE CAN ARTICULATE. In terms of ROMANCE, you definitely prefer BEST FRIENDS to any other kind of COUPLE, as the many posters scattered around your room attest. Coincidentally, most of the BEST FRIEND COUPLES you like are GAY OR LESBIAN, but you maintain that SEXUAL ATTRACTION HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH IT. You have a BOOKSHELF dedicated to RELIGIOUS LITERATURE from MULTIPLE RELIGIONS, which you enjoy DEBATING on the INTERNET. You enjoy your room SOFTLY LIT from your collection of LOW-WATTAGE LAMPS. You also THINK A GREAT DEAL about COGNITIVE SCIENCE and AI and have more than a few ABANDONED AI PROJECTS on your VARIOUS COMPUTERS. Sometimes you like to HIKE IN THE WOODS. You’re NOT VERY TALKATIVE and in fact DOWNRIGHT BORING but you LIKE IT THAT WAY. Your Pesterchum handle is genderAmbiguous and you lwys seem to hve trouble with the ’’ key on your keybord...
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